The vivacity of its electric motor is combined with the practicality of the fixed metal roof: exclusivity distinguishes the 5oo Abarth by Officine Amarcord.

In 1959, the Fiat 500 was homologated for four real seats and presented at the Geneva Motor Show in two new models: the Transformable New 500, which still features the outfitting of the economy and the hood up to the engine bonnet and the new 500 opening roof, which resumes the installation of the Normal and the half-open roof of the Sport.

Finally, the floor is modified under the front seats, where the wells for the feet of the rear occupants are made, a padded back seat is fitted and is approved for 4 people. As a result of the increased flow, the rear axle is strengthened. The engine is revised and the power rises to 16.5 hp, the maximum speed reaches 95 km / h.

Prices also change: the convertible is offered at 395 000 lire, the sunroof at 435 000 lire. In October of the same year the range conforms to the new highway code. The rear lights (also mounted on the 600 D), larger and modified with the addition of reflectors, the grille air intakes under the headlights are eliminated and in their place appear the front direction indicators that also play the role of lights of position. Fireflies change shape, round rather than drop.

The specimen in question was recovered on the Amalfi coast, has undergone a very complex restoration, since the vehicle also had structural damage. All the metal sheets that Fiat produced at the time as spare parts were replaced, and some parts were rebuilt by the skilled hands of our masters. Once rebuilt, the frame has undergone anti-corrosion treatments such as cataphoresis (a technique used by the modern car industry).

In the meantime, every mechanical and canvas detail has undergone a scrupulous overhaul (steering box, gearbox, arms, tie rods, hubs, etc.). The interiors have been rebuilt using the “television” fabric of the period, but following the combinations indicated by the current owner.

During assembly, it received a new technological heart, a system built with the most innovative technology, from super-condenser hybrid batteries to the Keri Formula 1 lithium cells.

POWER: 40 kW
POWER SUPPLY: electric
TRACTION: permanent four-wheel drive
BRAKING: regenerative
COOLING: air/liquid

SPEED: 110 km/h
AUTONOMY: 200 km