You say Lancia Delta and you immediately think of rallies, you say Evoluzione and you immediately think of the myth: wide fenders, adjustable spoiler, bulges everywhere. And a record of victories second to that of no other car.

The “queen” is easily identifiable in the automotive landscape, and certainly memorable for the results obtained in that period of time which goes from the end of the 80s to the beginning of the 90s. It is successful on all terrains and in every corner of the globe, from the snow of Monte Carlo to the muddy dirt of the Safari in Kenya, to New Zealand and the United States. The recipe that the Abarth men cook is simple, even if it may seem unlikely at first glance: a compact and light body, a proven and reliable mechanical base, three differentials and McPherson suspension at the 4 corners. And a twin-cam two-liter turbo engine taken from nothing less than the flagship of the time, the Thema. The Delta Integrale is not an indomitable monster, but a proven hunting tool, with which Lancia drivers win many world titles, 10 between drivers’ and manufacturers’ championships.

In the wake of these undeniable statements, Officine Amarcord revives the myth, but here there is nothing nostalgic, if anything, one could say electrifying: the starting point is a normal Lancia Delta LX, whose structure has been totally revised and reinforced, also in view of the space needed to house the battery packs, which have been positioned at the bottom to facilitate the optimization of mass distribution. The electric motors transmit their power, through a six-speed mechanical gearbox, to the 4-wheel drive, coordinated by 3 differentials. Updates have been applied also to the suspensions, with the adoption of the double wishbone scheme at the front and McPherson with multiple arms at the rear.

On an aesthetic level, Officine Amarcord has worked with the intention of not distorting the original visual signs but reinterpreting and integrating them to explain the contents of this renewed berlinetta: the headlights are equipped with LED technology, while maintaining the double-round configuration, and the place of the air intakes is taken by some precious glossy black Plexiglas panels. The enlarged body kit is painted in an exclusive blue color, which coordinates well with the black profiles and the opaque technical vents on the hood. On the inside, the seats and door panels are covered with the sports material par excellence, black Alcantara, enriched by blue stitching; and the analog instruments are replaced by two digital displays, with totally customized graphics.

Officine Amarcord revives the Lancia Delta, but the legend, to remain so, must evolve: it is an electric evolution, an Evoluzione Elettrica.

POWER: 160 Kw peak
TRACTION: all-wheel drive, six-speed gearbox
BRAKING: regenerative
COOLING: air/liquid

SPEED: 210 km/h
RANGE: 250 km