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The goal of “Officine Amarcord” is to give new life to legendary models of cars that are in the memories and dreams of many passionate people by turning them into roadworthy and electric vehicles so that they will not only be beauties to admire in a car salon but they can get back to their duty on the roads.

Nicola Venuto
Officine Amarcord the name draws inspiration by a famous italian movie of Federico Fellini and ``Officine`` stands for Workshop where as ``Amarcord`` is a recall of a memory in a nostalgic key.

Nicola Venuto, Founder and CEO Newtron Group SA

About Officine Amarcord

At first the division was a little short of ideas on where to start, but one day of a couple of years ago when working on some mechanical problems of an old Fiat 500 F they realized that that was exactly it!.

Having such an attractive and handy city car of the old times converted into an efficient and clean vehicle of the 21st century was the key.

Customisation of car Interior Parts
Our cars revive through bodywork care and its full recovery. Officine Amarcord carefully select every single car, restoring every little detail, thanks to the great expertise of our personnel. Amarcord workshops’ working experience ensures that fully recovery of cars is masterly performed, through craftwork restoration of car bodywork and mechanics.
Remastered and electrified
Officine Amarcord perfectly combine the past and the future. Amarcord workshops make vintage cars belonging to the history of Italian and European motoring revive, also by the use of electric motor technology. After the entry into force of “Decree Retrofit” No. 219 of 1 December 2015 –Regulation on electric conversion system intended to be fitted on vehicles M and N1. (15G00232) (Official Gazette of the Italian Republic – General series- No. 7 of 11 January 2016), in force since 26 January 2016, electric conversion is feasible also in Italy through Newtron technology.
Car bodywork restoration
Officine Amarcord are unique, with car interior parts fully customisable following the wishes and directions of our clients. We make everything with special attention to details, thanks to the support of our qualified personnel, who put dedication and passion into the selection of genuine material and rigorous quality control.
We believe that our work creates shared value for customers and society.
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