Metamorphosis is a phenomenon that occurs only in nature, until today: this word, in fact, can now also be used to describe the radical change that the bEast has undergone.

The 400, originally, has the surname Ferrari and is a gran turismo, a category of cars created to transport its passengers in absolute, uncompromised comfort. It is a series of historic cars for the Maranello company, which in the 1970s finds itself wanting to expand the space available to occupants inside the passenger compartment, managing to accommodate 4 people in total. Derived from the 365 GT4 2+2 and heir to the Daytona, the 400 is designed by Leonardo Fioravanti for Pininfarina and to the Turin coachbuilder is due the first assembly, which is then completed in Maranello. Everything is designed to travel in opulence, from the refined V12 engine to the interiors covered in precious materials, up to the automatic transmission, which here makes its first appearance in a car of the Prancing Horse brand. Since 1979, exports of the 400 to the United States have been opened, the car itself modified with electronic injection instead of carburetors to power the engine, necessary for the emissions regulations in force in America. The Modenese coupe is sold until 1985, when it gives way to the 412, which is nothing more than a further update of the proven formula of the impressive 3-door grand tourer.

Officine Amarcord is inspired by American fashion, working on a 400i Automatic body completely stripped of every component, from the engine to the suspension, even the interior. We begin to think of a total transformation, mechanical and philosophical, given what remains of the car but also considering that the bodywork lends itself well to interpreting a different type of set-up: the theme is the conversion into a muscle car. The characteristics of the famous American cars are the aggressiveness of the line and the color choices, as well as high-level performance, especially in terms of engine torque. Officine Amarcord therefore equips the 400 with permanent all-wheel drive made with 2 electric motors, which allow a remarkable response to the accelerator input. From an aesthetic point of view, the colors chosen for the exterior are eye-catching, with satin blue contrasting the glossy black; to enhance the car’s aggressiveness, the front and rear headlights, with LED technology, and the bumpers, modeled and subsequently created thanks to the support of 3D, have been redesigned. The interior has also been completely revised and simplified on a visual level, with the integration of all the controls in the multifunctional screen in the center of the dashboard, the real brain of the bEast, and the seat upholstery in precious full-grain leather, obviously displaying one gaudy blue color.

A fallen noble becomes a carrier of future values. Officine Amarcord re-engineers the body of a Ferrari to make it the representative of a mechanical and philosophical metamorphosis: the bEast 400 is the perfect combination of customization and respect for the environment.

POWER: 2x 160 kW peak
POWER SUPPLY: electric
POWERTRAIN: 2x engine with integrated gearbox
TRACTION: rear-wheel drive
BRAKING: regenerative
COOLING: air/liquid

SPEED: 220 km/h
RANGE: 350 km